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This is a leaflet that you can print or email to your family & friends. Please make the effort to do this - we can all spread the word.
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Sign my petition to to put pressure on Parliament to withdraw the RSPCA's rights to conduct private prosecutions in South Australia 


Taken from www.parliament.nsw.gov.au

Many animal rights activists (Voiceless Organisation Inc.) are working in, with & for RSPCA, reporters in the media, the Government and volunteers who accompany RSPCA on raids. These people believe it is wrong to exploit animals and this means if you have "too many", you are exploiting animals, you must be stopped. RSPCA twist & fabricate all you say and make a spectacle of your words. You must say as little as possible - explanations & truth is futile - RSPCA will twist and select comments (cut and paste) to ensure you damn yourself!  RSPCA have full access to the microchip database through its contract with DEEDI. RSPCA keep their own database of reported complaints against you.


We acknowledge that RSPCA is a registered trademark registered to the Royal Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We are not using this trademark in the course of trade but simply to make a statement.