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Many animal rights activists (Voiceless Organisation Inc.) are working in, with & for RSPCA, reporters in the media, the Government and volunteers who accompany RSPCA on raids. These people believe it is wrong to exploit animals and this means if you have "too many", you are exploiting animals, you must be stopped. RSPCA twist & fabricate all you say and make a spectacle of your words. You must say as little as possible - explanations & truth is futile - RSPCA will twist and select comments (cut and paste) to ensure you damn yourself!  RSPCA have full access to the microchip database through its contract with DEEDI. RSPCA keep their own database of reported complaints against you.

Be aware RSPCA harvest quality stock, including pedigree stock, to sell from their Shelters for their own profit. It is breeders who have quality & well looked after stock & in quantities. RSPCA aided and abetted by DEEDI, seize its quality stock free from breeders - 100% profit!. RSPCA is a registered business trading in the pets since 23/12/1999.  All food and accessories are donated by pet food manufacturers, RSPCA spends (reported in its annual report) $3 million annually on advertising, begs from the public for donations, conducts telethons, million paws walk as publicity stunts to raise millions to look after the "malnourished and starving dogs" who were sold immediately after seizure, euthanased all old and slow selling dogs and cats. Prosecutes the "so called animal abusers" with fabricated evidence for profits, 

When RSPCA come they will take more than your animals from you. RSPCA will steal your valuables and personal documents, already have done a property check on your property & will take everything else in the courts. Shelter charges, legal fees, Inspector fees and other expenses can be up to $2million. You MUST NOT surrender any animal as by this will be used against you as a guilty plea when you are in court . The "kindness and barter" to let you off if you surrender some animals is a LIE. RSPCA had been conning breeders since 2001 - how did we think there are so many "animal abusers" who are breeders? Your only option is full on defence & you do your talking and explanations in the courts!

Be prepared to collect and protect your own evidence.

DO NOT allow the Police to leave after service of the warrant - insist the Police MUST STAY to supervise RSPCA raid. Have a camera and a recorder ready for RSPCA. Immediately contact your friends and neighbours to be your witnesses before you open your door as RSPCA steals your valuables and no one cares or believes you.

RSPCA Inspectors cannot be charged with perjury. RSPCA have the means to doctor their tape and video recordings. RSPCA vets and inspectors have been caught putting maggots on dogs, fabricating video evidence, using file footage photographs, claiming worms and disease when there was none, lying that dogs were covered in urine and faeces, creating & editing vet records, Owners are blamed when puppies allegedly die of starvation in RSPCA care with lies that it was hookworms, the list goes on and on. The reality was the pups were sold.

Have your camera ready for when the RSPCA Inspector throws dirt into your dog's drinking water or when the chickens get rubbed in the mud for RSPCA Animal Rescue videos. With simple blurring/doctoring of video, leaf litter can be made to look like a pile of faeces when supported by RSPCA Inspector lies that it had a "putrid smell" it is believed.

Courts do not allow perjury charges to be successful against a prosecution witness. Its reason is: were people to learn they could be punished with perjury charges for helping the Police, people could no longer be expected to help in prosecutions and the whole administration of Justice (so called) would suffer. If Inspectors and Police were to learn they could be prosecuted for perjury there would be a problem recruiting Inspectors and Police and this would be adverse to the administration of Justice. Perjuring Police are dealt with privately under misconduct rules. There is no authority to investigate RSPCA Inspector misconduct.

Back up your computer and records. Keep multiple back ups away from home where RSPCA cannot find them.

Do not let RSPCA know who your witnesses will be. RSPCA have contacted witnesses and threatened them in the past.

When RSPCA come, contact others who have suffered RSPCA greed - for help e.g. www.petmafia.com.au . Be prepared to board your dogs somewhere else for 3 months or more till the danger has passed. Be careful of jealous friends & other breeders. You are your best friend.

The RSPCA general procedure is to come to your property and take photos and collect evidence. RSPCA Inspectors will then give an Animal Welfare Directive which gives RSPCA theauthority to come again at any time. RSPCA Inspector usually contact the local Council regarding too many dogs. There can be more visits while RSPCA prepares to seize all your animals. You will be led to believe everything is satisfactory and lulled into a false security. RSPCA Inspectors will come with a warrant to seize all your animals and evidence - computer system and records. Do not give up your camera, voice recorder and back ups under any circumstances regardless of the persuasion used on you. This is your evidence and you do not want it to disappear. Do not be forced to leave the rooms during RSPCA raids. You have a right to be there to observe. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal properties have disappeared after RSPCA raids.

Do not make a deal with RSPCA to have them "help" you. An old pensioner retired breeder of Chihuahuas on the Gold Coast was billed $300,000 by RSPCA for their "help" and had to sell her home to pay their bill. RSPCA Animal Rescue featured on national TV, RSPCA  the good Samaritan animal heroes while renovating this woman's property BUT did not tell or show on TV what happened later- the $300,000 bill! 

Trespass and Invasion of Privacy.

RSPCA bring their own media with them - RSPCA Animal Rescue film crew and others. These media will vilify and damn you in the media with RSPCA lies about the condition of your animals. It is your right to deny everyone other than RSPCA Inspectors access to your property. Tell everyone present that ONLY RSPCA inspectors and the Police can come on to your property. When the RSPCA Inspector asserts that "they are coming with me to collect evidence" stand firm & advise there will be Court claims against the media for trespass and invasion of privacy. Advise RSPCA Inspector that their contract with DEEDI specifically forbids them from bring the media onto your property.

Be aware that RSPCA Animal rescue will interview witnesses to make a good story against you turning RSPCA into animal super heroes. All witnesses will be tutored to make the story bad against you. Then when all the legals are over you will suffer a "king hit" and people will begin calling you and abusing you. The tutoring of witnesses is a valid ground in any appeal to the court. You must summons to the Court evidence from the media.

DO NOT SURRENDER ANY ANIMALS TO RSPCA. (It is an admission of guilt and weakens any defence you have.)

Make sure you document all animals seized by RSPCA and do not give RSPCA a record of your animals. RSPCA receipt will be based on the count you give them not the number of animals they received.

You have the right under the Act to inspect and properly identify your dogs at the RSPCA Shelter after seizure. Take a veterinarian with you. If RSPCA refuse you this right and rename all your dogs you have a problem knowing which dog is being discussed in evidence later in the Magistrates Court.

INITIATE the Appeals process for the return of your animals. (No Charges can proceed until this appeal process is finalised, RSPCA have 12 months to charge you).

Read the Animal Care and Protection Act thoroughly . Do not write letters of complaint to the Minister of DEEDI or any politician as these letters will be handed over to RSPCA and used by RSPCA to manufacture a better case against you. If they learn you intend to appeal for the return of your dogs RSPCA can and will return to seized computer systems, legal documents to frustrate your appeal. Back ups kept away from your property are very important.

Your first Appeal to DEEDI will fail as the animal activists, Animal Welfare Manager of Qld in DEEDI Rick Symon is working with RSPCA and his spouse Mandy Symon is a vet with RSPCA. The DEEDI Review of the forfeiture decision will fail for the same reason. The evidence you provide to this Appeal and Review will be used by RSPCA to fabricate a better case against you in the court. RSPCA will furnish manufactured evidence from multiple witnesses that will make you out to be a liar. Your witnesses will be visited and threatened by RSPCA. When you call your Vet as a witness, he will be persuaded to make statements that can include "your dogs had fleas ", "had problems with worms", etc... Vets rely on DEEDI for their license to practice as veterinarians.


The rule here is - do not try to win in the Magistrates court, set out to ensure you will win on Appeal to the District Court or a higher Court. Remember all appeals to higher courts are based on law only, not facts. When Magistrates see they will lose on Appeal they will be more careful in their decision. An Appeal on grounds that the witnesses perjured themselves and the evidence was fabricated will be unsuccessful. Witnesses for DEEDI are allowed to lie and fabricate evidence. The Magistrate is supposed to be able to see through these lies and make a correct decision. A valid Ground is that witnesses were tutored and this caused the evidence to be tainted  (provided you have the evidence). Another Ground is pretrial publicity hardened and fortified the witnesses against you causing the evidence to be tainted. Another Ground is that the evidence was tainted by RSPCA self interest and profit motive. To prove this you must summons to the Court the evidence of what happened to your dogs and what profit was made by RSPCA. Because RSPCA lie this can be difficult evidence to get into the Court. RSPCA will produce a list with photos of dogs claiming that the dogs on this list were your dogs. This is why your video camera is so important, why you must stand firm and not let RSPCA get your evidence. RSPCA can be expected to produce photos "of your dogs" that are not, but are photos from their files of photos from other cases.

At some stage DEEDI will transfer ownership of your dogs to RSPCA and you must summons this evidence from DEEDI. A "Right to Information" (RTI) Application can be helpful but usually it will be a cover up.

DO NOT let your lawyers talk to RSPCA or RSPCA lawyers. RSPCA lawyers will cause you to spend $100,000+ on your lawyers even before you get to Court. There can be a whole range of dirty tricks like using the Mental Health Act to have you declared mentally ill with an administrator appointed over you to surrender your dogs to RSPCA. You can expect every dirty trick including your lawyers filing documents that are inadequate to cause your Notice of Appeal to be struck out.

Under the Animal Care and Protection Act the Appeal is against DEEDI decision to forfeit your dogs to the State. This has nothing to do with RSPCA. Insist to your lawyers, under the Act, RSPCA has no rights or interest in your dogs. RSPCA will corrupt your Appeal for the return of your dogs. Do not let RSPCA become a party to your Appeal. Under the Act there is no law that allows RSPCA to be a party and this will only increase your costs massively. DEEDI will call RSPCA Inspectors to give evidence to support their decision. DEEDI will NOT help you as DEEDI do not obey the Act & have always helped RSPCA steal from breeders.


You have to prove why your dogs should not have been forfeited to the State. Ensure you collect the evidence against you from DEEDI.  If necessary make an application to the Court that you be provided this evidence. When you get this evidence you will see RSPCA lies and fabrications. Just pointing out the lies will make you look like you are lying. You have to do better. You have to study RSPCA evidence and cross reference it with other evidence & you will find the proof of their lies. There may be other videos of the dogs. The Vet records will have dates of treatment and these may show that the problems were not in the dogs on arrival at the RSPCA Shelter. The pathology report on puppies that died will indicate they had little subcutaneous fat on them - meaning they were starved to death by RSPCA and did not die from your neglect or hookworms - as claimed by RSPCA vets.

If you see the Magistrate restricting the evidence to only the "reasonable belief of the Inspectors" and the "Forfeiture" decision make an application to him that he resign because he is biased. Section 202 of the Act demands that the Magistrate gives you natural justice. There are three issues: the first is that he cannot give you natural justice because of the misconduct of RSPCA interfering with your witnesses and seizing your evidence and disappearing it etc, the second is that he did not provide you with natural justice by restricting the evidence allowed into the Court, and third by not "stepping into the shoes of the Chief Executive Officer" - the person who made the forfeiture decision.

The Magistrate failed to give you Natural Justice and how he failed will be a ground in your Appeal to the District Court. Natural Justice is law. Do not allow RSPCA or DEEDI to get away with saying it is not law. Search Natural Justice in High Court Cases.

There is only one winner. You must be prepared to fight to the end. If you believe you cannot take the heat, then it is best you leave the kitchen. Be prepared to fight all the way to the Court of Appeal on every issue and there will be many. Where others have helped RSPCA by defaming you, steal your property out of jealousies & malice be prepared to take them to Court also. Never give up your rights to a fair hearing and to having the law properly applied to the facts. When you know something secret or illegal about someone else, you have a problem. When everyone else knows that problem, the perpetrators have a problem so build an email list and keep everyone else informed of RSPCA lies and misconduct towards you.

Supporting RSPCA is Supporting Corruption. Ensure everyone knows how corrupt, greedy and evil RSPCA has been.

The alternative is to sell all your dogs, close down your kennel & breeding businesses, leave the industry before RSPCA gets you. All breeders are on RSPCA hit list, it is when, before you are done over like the ones you have heard over the media & the many others you have not heard about. RSPCA, animal activists and jealous malicious breeders monitor pet advertisements on the Internet and newspapers. RSPCA will find you eventually.


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